• Our Advantages

    Peer learning and influencing

    Kids like talking to kids, that’s a fact! Through our innovative peer learning concept, kids from around the world share language and culture by talking about common hobbies and interests without pressure. Rather, their learning is powered by the engine of life-changing friendship.

    Language Expertise

    Our academic team is working with Dr. Catherine Snow of Harvard University and her team of PhD researchers. Dr. Snow is a world-leading language acquisition expert; she is the former Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education, and former President of the American Educational Research Association.

    Customized Experience

    BuzzKID is not a one-size-fits all curriculum. Instead, learners and tutors choose topics according to their personal experiences and interests. Science proves that peer-led learning strategies are more effective than traditional teacher-led strategies, which is why we repositioned teacher as the facilitator in the learning equation! Tutors and learners share language and culture by talking about topics that they love, not by reciting standard textbooks.

  • At BuzzKID

    Chinese kids improve conversational English by practicing with native English-speaking kids through guided and structured conversations, while native English-speaking kids develop leadership and discover real China!

  • Our Team

    Smart people work hard to provide quality service and make our clients satisfied

  • Our Service

    We offer customized service for schools and other affiliated partners.

    For schools

    Educational organizations around the world can bring foreign languages and cultures directly into the classroom with BuzzKID. Our online peer-learning platform is an excellent blended learning option for foreign language departments and allows for deeper immersion into the target language. With BuzzKID, schools can become more international, improve their reputation, and even boost enrollment!

    For affiliated partners

    Besides education institutions, we also work with overseas investment or immigration companies in China. By partnering with BuzzKID, these cross-border enterprises can better service their elite clientele, offering pre-departure language training for kids of families intending to immigrate. BuzzKID can help incentivize new client acquisition or upselling of existing customers by offering a unique and highly-desired educational product for your company’s sophisticated client base.

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