Our Tutor's Story - Miri Kim

    My name is Miri Kim. I am from South Korea but I'm currently attending high school at American School in Shenyang, China. At my school, faculty and students speak English, all subjects are taught in English. This environment allows me to quickly pick up English. Since I live in China, I naturally learn Mandarin, so I am able to converse in both English and Mandarin fluently.


    I learned about BuzzKID from one of my sister’s friends, Sarah, who has been tutoring on BuzzKID for one semester. I was very fortunate to get this part-time job. It’s been only about a month since I started tutoring, and my experience of sharing how I learn foreign languages with those Chinese kids has been impacting me in countless positive ways.


    Being able to make a difference in another kid's life with small things like correcting their pronounciation, helping them to build up confidence when speaking English ...... makes me feel really good about myself. A month ago, I would never have imagined myself doing so in my leisure time.

    Benfits of working at BuzzKID


    BuzzKID compensate tutors 8-12USD/hr to tutor kids/teens conversational English. As far as I know, most of the tutors are high school students. Middle and High schoolers are busy with school and other activities, so I especially like the FLEXIBILITY to earn extra cash from the comfort of my home.


    They offer multiple payment and reward schemes that incentify tutors with good performance. The platform provides me the AUTONOMY to manage my tutoring schedule and to lead a conversation session with pre-designed content structure!


    They also provide recommendation letter and certificate to support your college application. BuzzKID is definitely your first choice as a gig job, actually it's more than a job, where you can interact with other high schoolers from the rest of the world.

    How I earn extra 700USD/month at BuzzKID from home


    Being a high school student, I have a pretty packed schedule during school while working part-time at a cafe near my campus. I usually work 3 days a week, with the remaining being leisure time for myself.


    Before, I used my free time watching movies and using social media the whole day. However, I felt that I was not maximising my free time and decided to make a change! Thus, I joined BuzzKID. Now, I can still watch movies, catch up with my friends on social media, plus tutor kids English on BuzzKID as a way to kill my free time while also earning some extra cash.


    Usually, I'm able to get 2~3hrs of tutoring sessions which is about 30USD per day. On ocassions, I'm even able to get more. I like talking and interacting with kids, so this is more of a relax for me instead of working.


    I play it smart, adding to my tutoring income by referring my schoolmates or friends to BuzzKID. I get about 10USD for every referral. So my way of making 700USD is to refer my friends, and of course, doing my own tutoring sessions. I now have a group of tutee fans!


    How another tutor made close to 1,000USD/month


    In the BuzzKID community, there's another tutor Alex from Europe who made close to 1000USD in his summer break from home!


    With the time difference, Alex is able to tutor the afternoon and night sessions. We "met" each other in one of BuzzKID training sessions, he seems quite knowledgable and willing to share.


    Alex said in his country, it's not easy for teen to get a job, and BuzzKID is his first job! We all think BuzzKID is a GREAT idea, allowing us to help other kids while also help ourselves.

    So, what are you waiting for?